Foreign Medical Students Association


Crest of The FMSA


This first newspaper of the year is also a good opportunity to introduce the "Foreign Medical Student Association" or FMSA. The FMSA, also known as the "student union" is devoted to help all the English program students in any possible way. The FMSA serves as the tool of connection between the students and the university. The FMSA represents the English program students in the different committees of the university.

The members of this union are foreign students like you, who care and wish to contribute and make our university a better place. In the past few years, the FMSA has helped the entire foreign student body with educational problems, but also assisted individual students in troubles they encountered in various issues.

During the past year, the FMSA has increased its strength and abilities, and became a strong union with more influence. The FMSA obtains its strength from the students' assistance and cooperation. Make our voice stronger and help us to help you!

Currently the FMSA is working with the leaders of the university to try and change the entire structure of the clinical years (4th and 5th). We hope that in the future, the education in these years will be in the "block system". This means that students will spend several continuous weeks

in each department, finish that department and then move on to a different department. Today the students visit a certain department for 1 or 2 hours once a week. We never see a complete sequence of patient admission, primary investigations and initial treatment. We only "jump in" for visits, which are often not well organized and certainly non-beneficial. Not to mention the confusion of jumping from topic to topic: 2 hours orthopedics, then 2 hours urology, then 2 hours gynecology and so on. The process of changing into this block system is complex and will certainly take a long time, so be patient.

The FMSA also improves our extra-curricular life by organizing extravaganza parties several times during each semester. These are great events with music, dancing, alcohol and prizes (airplane tickets, DVDs, weekends in Budapest, movie tickets, dinners and more). Make sure not to miss these happenings. Flip to the middle pages to find a collection of pictures from last years' events.

With all this said, keep it in mind that the activity of the FMSA cannot take place without the involvement of students who invest from their private time in order to make all these events happen. There is always work to be done, and helping hands are much desired. Thus, if you feel you want to be involved and you want to contribute, please contact us.