Spare Time in Debrecen

In This section, a few REAL spare time hobbies can be found. these are the ones I bumped onto. If you know anything else, if you practice anything, if you know anything feel free to let me know and I will post it.

Tandem Jump: and a lot of other stuff, such us Pleasure flights, Accelerated free fall, from Boross Attila. 

Phone no 06.30.349.7805

  Diving Classes: There are several schools in Debrecen, but the only one I heard of that teaches in English is Adam. Classes start at spring.

Phone no: 06.30.968.0587

Rock Suli: In Hungarian means Rock University. Anything that has to do with teaching of "Rock" musical instruments, rock n roll music etc.

Address: Boszormenyi Ut. 68



DOTE Monteverdi Choir:

A choir, for whoever is capable of singing, every monday and thursday at Six (18:00) o'clock.

Address Kassai Ut. 26
Place 37 classroom

Pottery Classes: Not like the ones in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" unfortunately for the ladies...every Tuesday at five (17:00). Ask for Kummer Karoly Fazekas. (2nd Student Hostel)

Szin Kor Theatrical Stage: every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 (20:00) ask for Beszenyei Zoltan.  (2nd Student Hostel)

BUSHIDO KENDO CLUB: For more violent people, or for people that want to defend themselves better. Every Tuesday and Friday at six (18:00). Ask for Danos Peter (2 dan) and Szollath Tibor (3 dan). (2nd Student Hostel)

TAI CHI Club: Who said Doctors can fight? another martial art every Friday  five (17:00) to seven o'clock. (2nd Student Hostel)

Address Nagyerdei krt 98                                       
Place II. Students Hostel, Basement

SHOTOKAN KARATE UNIVERSITY CLUB: This place smells blood... brrrr... every Tuesday at eight (20:00) to ten, Wednesday same time, and Thursday at seven thirty (19:30) to half past eight. Ask for: Zolnai Vilmos (3 dan), Szatmari G. (2 dan) and  Balajthy Zoltan -yes it's the guy from Biochem...-(3 Kyu)

Address Moricz Szigmund Ut.22
Place III Students Hostel



Well, that's not a hobby of course, but that is the only place of the website I could fit it in...


Every Second Sunday at St Ladislas church, and every last Saturday of the month at the Church of Incarnation.

St Ladislas Ch. Furedi 6
Church of Incarnation (Megtestesules templom) Borbiro Ter


A lot of English Language books on Islamic Theology.

Address Nagyerdei krt 98                                      
Place II. Students Hostel, Basement