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Wellcome, and enjoy your surfing in the FMSA's first official website.

The reason of existance of this website is to provide some usefull information about the place we are all in. Those that met with this place arround October 2003, might notice the updated structure and status of this site. We hope it is a step up.

We have tried to tie up this community and the website is just one face of this attempt. You should not forget to visit our Newsgroup and check out the newspaper.

The rest, should just try to enjoy and critisize it as much as they can. Every opinion, bad or good is more than wellcome...more about the website

About F.M.S.A
Foreign Medical Students Association

The FMSA - Your Student Union

This website is a good opportunity to introduce the "Foreign Medical Student Association" or FMSA. The FMSA, also known as the "student union" is devoted to help all the English program students in any possible way. The FMSA serves as the tool of connection between the students and the university. The FMSA represents the English program students in the different committees of the university

The members of this union are foreign students like you, who care and wish to contribute and make our university a better place. In the past few years, the FMSA has helped the entire foreign student body with educational problems, but also ... more about the FMSA

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Important News In Debrecen
Our Addresses

The prices in the English Program Hostels are going to rise 5% from March 2005

Issue 17 is out. You can find it in Fadi's copy, Admission's office, Reception of Student Hostels, Hollywood DVD

As far as the server is conserned, remember, you are not allowed to connect to the Kazaa Network or any other P2P network, or the webmaster will disconnect you for a week!

It seems to me, that after the new update, the university server (Jaguar.Dote,Hu) is flying! Well done!

The FMSA party is taking place this Friday on JOY BAR

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