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Paprikas Csirke (Chicken on red pepper)

You cut the chicken and then add salt and pepper. In a pre-heated pan, you add oil and once its warm, you put the cut onion. Once it sweats, you put in the chicken, the green and the red pepper and a little water.

You let it simmer for 15/20 mins. You can serve it with , rise, french fires, or if you want it to look really hungarian, galuska or mashed potatoes with pickled cucumber.

"French" Fries: 

You first cut the potatoes is stripes, not too long, without pilling them. Then you boil them without really melting them.

When you are almost ready, you fry them in olive oil, and basilicum and oregano, and full garlic pieces, for a little more than 5 minutes. Do not forget to preheat the pan.

In the meanwhile, you preheat the oven, for arround twenty minutes. When the frying is done, you empty the whole content of the frying pan, into the baking pan and you let them untill they get a colour similar to that of baked potatoes.

Joke II:

A screwdriver comes to a bar and sits near the bartender.
Bartender sees him and says in excitement: "Hey man! We have a drink named after you!"
The screwdriver says sadly:" What? You have a drink named Steve?"

Joke from Valia

How to tie a tie:

Indian Chicken Curry:

for 2 people:

2 chopped onions 2 clover leaves 
2 breasts of chicken 2 teeth of garlic (chopped)
2 tomatoes  1 cm of ginger (chopped)

 1/ In a skillet, fry onions, clover leaves, ginger and garlic for about 5-7 min on medium flame.

2/ Add in the chopped chicken and mix everything well. After that reduce heat to low. Stir it well for 5 min, add to teaspoons of Masala and mix it. Now add the chopped tomatoes and about two teaspoons of salt. Mix everything good and cover it after 5 min. 

3/ Keep on checking frequently. It should be ready in 15 minutes, after covering with the lid.

Recipe from Abdullah

Joke I : Two linguists die and go  to Heaven. In the middle of their discussion they see God. Then one of them says to Him: "Dear God, I have always spent my life searching for my science, and even though I am very good in what I do, here we have a debate"...

God says "what is the debate then?"

Then the scientist says, that "I believe that Adam was the first person to swear, while my colleague thinks that it was Eve... who was right?"

God looks at them and says: "Oh man... fuck off! ..."

Joke from Valia

Watermelon Cocktail: This is a cocktail that was really the Shit when I was first year, but ever since then, students don't party as much :-(

2/5 Southern Comfort

1/5 Countreau

2/5 Orange Juice with Grenadine

Put all these, with trimmed ice in a shaker and shake them good for a few minutes

Cocktail from Nikos

Bloody Brains Cocktail:

In a shot glass, put most Vodka, a little Grenadine, and one drop of Bailey's.

Cocktail from Nikos