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News from Debrecen

Issue 17 is out. You can find it in Fadi's copy, Admission's office, Reception of Student Hostels, Hollywood DVD

As far as the server is conserned, remember, you are not allowed to connect to the Kazaa Network or any other P2P network, or the webmaster will disconnect you for a week!

It seems to me, that after the new update, the university server (Jaguar.Dote,Hu) is flying! Well done!

The FMSA party is taking place this Friday on JOY BAR


The ARGO party is on. In a storehouse in Balmazujvarosy Ut. After arrangements with the FMSA, taxi will take you there from Kossuth, in the price of 800 HUF, and the entrance ticket is 750 HUF.

Issue 16 is out. You can find it in Fadi's copy.

New Notes are on, Including the lectures of Neurology

Issue 15 is out. You can find it in Fadi's copy.

HALLOWEEN Party, at 22 of October in Kazan Haz, in the Agricultural University. the ticket costs 500HUF pre-sale, and 750 at the entrance.

FMSA Elections!At the end of the 3rd week, we will hold elections for the next president of the FMSA. Any student from the 3rd or 4th year who wishes to run as a candidate for this post should register at the English program secretariat until Friday, September 21, 2004.

Issue 14 is out. You can find it in Fadi's copy.

The Academic year 2004/2005 is going to be the first one with an English Program in Pharmacy. Good luck to both the guys and the School for this new attempt.