The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

November 10, 2004; Issue 16


Another issue of our newspaper is out. As you can see this publication is under "reformation". It will constantly be like that we hope, until it fits the taste of the students. This goes without saying, that since you are the readers, feel free to report anything you don't like, or anything you do like.

This month was quite active for us. The soccer tournament, the Halloween Party and in a while the Golyabal. Make sure you don't miss it. The "celebration of the Eggs" is a welcoming to all new students, organized by the Hungarian Student Union, and it will bring you back to the times of the Imperium.

Beautiful dresses, well tasted suites and of course the traditional "Pillango". All these in the settings of a neo-baroque building, with crystal acoustics. I'm sure the Ladies will miss this grooming appearance of the male students, when they return to their Jeans.

The Waltz, a Habsburg left over, from Austro-Hungarian Empire. An impressive dance with powerful music. A symbol of aristocrats, young military officers and anyone in connection to the

ruling class. A must-see for those of us, without a central European Heritage.

Finally there is a new FMSA, new board and New Year representatives. Make sure you contact them. This is especially important for students with educational problems. Maybe some of you do not know, but there are a few members of the Foreign Medical Student Association inside the Educational Committee and it's really frustrating for them, to go to represent and support cases of students they never heard about. Contact Ziv Bekerman and Sumon Rahman before any request you make for the committee.

There are a lot of good intentions from the new members and a lot of experience from the old ones. It can make a difference, but this is up to you. Yaron Raiter (the x-president) mentioned something about torch and fire in the last issue. It is up to the student body, if this fire will be a

flame, or simply fireworks that will soon go out...

.-The Team-


New European Union Guidelines

On 29 September 2004, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation of the Council and the European Parliament on medicinal products for paediatric use. The overall objective is to improve the health of the children of Europe by increasing the research, development and authorisation of medicines for use in children. This will be achieved through: increasing the development of medicines for use in children, ensuring that medicines used to treat children are subject to high quality research, ensuring that medicines used to treat children are appropriately authorised for use in children, and, improving the information

available on the use of medicines in children.

New European Union Guidelines

On 29 September 2004, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation of the Council and the European Parliament on medicinal products for paediatric use. The overall objective is to improve the health of the children of Europe by increasing the research, development and authorisation of medicines for use in children. This will be achieved through: increasing the development of medicines for use in children, ensuring that medicines used to treat children are subject to high quality research, ensuring that medicines used to treat children are appropriately authorised for use in children, and, improving the information available on the use of medicines in children.

Corticosteroids used to prevent an acute airway inflammatory reaction

Researchers of the Karolinska Institut, in Stockholm studied the effect of corticosteroids on airway inflammatory response induced by inhalation of organic dust in healthy individuals working in a swine barn. Usually swine workers a higher prevalence of pulmonary disorders than non-farmers and other farmers.

Volunteers working three hours in a swine house while weighing pigs develop an acute airway inflammatory reaction with a slight increase in body temperature. The authors

show that inhaled corticosteroids, prior to exposure in a swine house, attenuate the body temperature response and the increase in serum IL-6 (an endogenous circulating pyrogen) levels.Also intra-nasally administered corticosteroids prior to exposure soften the local inflammatory reaction.

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Hormonal Cinema

Until today, it was a common known fact, but there was no scientific explanation: Romantic movies help two humans get closer. In the same time they increase the erotic drive.

If a couple's first date is a "movie night out" a rule that is never to be broken is to avoid by any means possible an action movie, a war movie or something that has nothing to do with our sensitive side.

Until recently, this empiric rule was spreading from mouth to mouth, together with the rest of this kind. But since yesterday, science seems to verify these typical rules of behaviour, that everybody follows. The study was done on 60 adults and it will be published by the journal "Hormones and Behaviour".

"Connan:The Barbarian" or "The Bridges of Madison County"?

Researchers from the Michigan University, studied the change on the volunteers' hormone level and that's what they came up with…

According with the results, a romantic movie, lead to an increase of those hormones, in both men and women that are connected with sexuality and caring.

In the other side of the fence, a little bit "more interesting movies" like Connan or "The Godfather" increases the testorone level in men. This can be explained by the deep connection between the Nervous System and the Endocrine one.

According to the researchers, this could explain why some people like this or that kind of movie.

Schultheiss, the head of this research claimed, that "Maybe caring people, like romantic movies" and he continues "more active people, may prefer violent movies…"

Eroticism against action!

During their study, the researchers divided the volunteers in three different groups. Each group watched scenes from different movies. The first group watched scenes from The Bridges of Madison County, a romantic movie, in which the wife of a

farmer falls in love with a stranger. In the second group they projected "The Godfather" a movie about Mafia. The third group watched the documentary «Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest» (Ed's note: Is this the Dummie movie?).

In the first group, in both men and women we had increased progesterone levels in the level of 10%, and a severe decrease of testosterone in men. Progesterone levels are said to be related to the need of affection and love with the others.

In the second group, we had an increase of 30% in the testo. levels in case of men with already high levels of this hormone. In the case of men with low testo. levels and women no increase was noted. According to Schultheiss, this increase is related to the inert wish of strength and dominance.

So next time you go for a date, make sure to decrease your testorone level, at least for a couple of hours...

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Global warming at our doorstep

On October 11th an article published by the London Independent brought to its readers some crucial information regarding the recent speeding up of the global warming phenomenon linked with the rise of atmospheric CO2 concentration.

Recent analyzed scientific data reveals a massive rise in atmospheric CO2, which has no parallel rise in emission. This is considered as a climate change "feedback" mechanism, a theory feared by researches to be true, in which earth's natural system change and causing an even faster warming.

CO2 concentrations measurement have been made since 1958, taken at the observatory on the top of Mauna Loa, an 11,000ft volcano in Hawaii, by the American physicist Charles Keeling, from the University of California at San Diego. Back then, the CO2 level measured 315 parts per million by volume (ppm), today this measurement show 376ppm and correspond to measurement at other sites around the world.

Average measurements show an annual CO2 rise of 1.3ppm, while in recent decades it went up to 1.6ppm. During 1988 and 1998 these measurements showed 2.45ppm and 2.74ppm respectively, but these measurements were excused for they were taken during El Niño years, and these abnormal readings never sustained for over one year time.

But the years 2001 showed a reading of 2.08ppm, 2002 showed 2.54ppm. Neither of these years were El Niño years, nor there has been a sudden leap in emissions.

Leading British scientists and environmentalists responded: "If this is a rate change [in the CO2 rise], of course it will be very significant," said Dr Piers Forster of the meteorology department of the University of Reading. "It will be of enormous concern, because it will imply that all our global warming predictions for the next 100 years or so will have to be redone. If the higher rate of increase continues, things will get very much worse.

It will makes our predicament even more catastrophic."

Global warming has turned to be one of the top issues dealt by governments around the world. Just a few months

ago, some shocking conclusions of a massive research ordered by the pentagon were published. And only a few weeks ago British prime minister Tony Blair expressed anxiety that global warming's dire effects would arrive not just in his children's lifetime, but in his own, and would "radically alter human existence".

This issue has gone to strategic levels in which dominant countries try to predict what would happen, and how it will be dealt, considering increase the size of the desserts area, massive drops in temperature in other places, resulting massive population shifts, and its consequences.

Nature has two knows ways to eliminate atmospheric CO2; these are absorption by the great forests and absorption by the oceans. The constant destruction of natural forests and pollution of the oceans contributes to the reduction in absorbance. Our actions have and will further result with very destructive reactions, now we have to consider dealing with the upcoming dangers rather then try to prevent what is now inevitable.

Amir Greenfield

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Marijuana use could cause tubal pregnancies

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the Netherlands, reported that frequent use of Marijuana can increase the risk of ectopic, tubal, pregnancies, through a Cannabinoid receptor.

The result came from mice studies. In those pregnant mice, CB1 a "cannabinoid" receptor, that binds the main active chemical for marijuana- delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)- was studied .

In these mice, that lacked the gene for the receptor, or when the rec. was blocked, it was impossible for the embryo to go through the oviduct, to the uterus. The result was the same when the receptor was over-stimulated, this resulted in increased rate of tubal pregnancies and subfertility.

Nature Magazine, in which the study was published, claimed that CB1 receptor regulates muscle contraction. Whether this receptor is active in human females is not known, but it's a hint to discourage women of reproductive age from continuous usage.

In pregnant mice that lacked the gene for the receptor, or in which the receptor was blocked, the embryo failed to go through the oviduct the tube leading from the ovaries to the uterus. The same thing happened in normal mice when the receptor was over-stimulated.

Also an anti-obesity drug, which is now on clinical trials, blocks CB1 receptor. The senior author of this publication said that such a drug is very likely to be taken

by young women, and that was the main concideration of this article.

It is important to think that in U.S.A. 9% of all pregnancy related deaths come from ectopic pregnancies. It is also important to note that no less than 13.8% of women said that they had smoked within the last month.

Marijuana exerts its effects in the brain and peripheral organs through two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Lipid molecules made by the body, called "endocannabinoids," activate these receptors, and are involved in very important physiological functions, including memory, pain and appetite.

It is used in general as a "soft drug" and it is illegal in most countries. The only E.U. country in which its legal is Holland.


Fifth Year is almost half way through and as we all know, next year we will start spreading around the globe, trying to find our path. That is why we decided to start making next class's yearbook now. If you have group pictures from the earlier years, please contact your group representative, the newspaper, or Yaron Raiter. You can use the E-mail address of the newspaper:

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Baby born from sperm frozen for 21 years

sperm, as the sperm simply stays inert in the freezer.

Previously, researchers had been concerned that keeping sperm frozen for very long periods could cause damage. One worry was that it would be exposed to more background radiation than sperm freshly created in the body.

Frozen sperm are suspended in an inert state, so they cannot repair any DNA damage that

A baby has been born using sperm frozen for 21 years - a world record, say UK researchers. The healthy boy was born to a father who had his sperm frozen in 1979 before he was treated for testicular cancer at the age of 17.

"We believe this is the longest period of sperm cryopreservation resulting in a live birth reported in the scientific literature," says a consultant in reproductive medicine at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester, and one of the team.

No time limit

The baby boy was born in 2002 after his father and mother had undergone in-vitro fertilisation. The frozen sperm was thawed and inserted into eggs to create the embryos used.

Barratt says the success is no surprise as frozen animal sperm has been thawed and used successfully up to 40 years after it was first stored. He says theoretically there is no time limit for using frozen human

occurs. However, the rate of background radiation is now considered to be so low that any damage would be negligible, he says.

Barratt points out that there may even be some benefits of long-term storage, because as a man ages there is a decline in the quality of his sperm. "In many ways this [technique] is an advantage - the baby born has the sperm DNA of a 20-year-old rather than a 40-year-old," he says

Valentin Voinov

Future about Chemistry of cars

All factories, all around the world, have programs for the future about

cars. Now, we can see some programs from one factory but I can't ell you the real name, since it's a secret! We will use the nicknames, that are quite descriptive of the car's capabilities and date of production.

The first one to be unveiled… Let's simply call it |2006_the_self_diagnosing automobile". Every morning at 2:00 AM, your car will run complete mechanical diagnostics on itself, including tire pressure and brake wear. In case there is a problem your car will send you Email and tell you where it hurts!

Its cousin, which was introduced as

"2013_the first commercial Fuel_cell" powered automobile and is brought to us, by toyotafiat(TF_3000).

And its not only that! Almost_centenarians carroll shelby and lee lacocca announce a joint venture to produce a fuel_ cell powered "cobra-like" high performance car.

Even later on the "2028- programmable auto- driving cars", which use a combination of radar and a GPS unit to operate, are introduced, telling your car where to go and it will take you in a time efficient manner.

But of course, this is not it! Programs exist for 2030, '40,'50 and so on, but this will be the subject of the next column!

Poya Maleki (Silver Medalist of Chemistry)

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Soccer tournament

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Halloween Party

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar and the holiest of the four holy months. It begins with the sighting of the new moon after which all physically mature and healthy Muslims are obliged to abstain from all food, drink, sexual contact

Pillars of Islam. The others are Faith, Prayer, Charity, and Pilgrimage to Makkah (The Hajj).

This is a time for especially fervent and devoted prayer, and the rewards and blessings associated with such are manifold. Additionally, Muslims read the entire Qur'an during the month of Ramadan, and its 114 chapters have been divided into 30 equal parts for

this purpose.

When the first crescent of the new moon has been officially sighted, the month of Ramadan is declared over. The end of Ramadan is marked by a three-day period

and tobacco use between dawn and dusk. Ordained in the Quran, the fast is an exacting act of deeply personal worship in which Muslims seek a spiritual reflection.

The month of Ramadan is a time for devotion, worship, doing good deeds and spending time with family and friends. Purity of thought and action is paramount. The fasting is intended to help teach Muslims self-discipline, self-restraint, generosity and to remind them, the suffering of the poor. It is common to have one meal before sunrise and another directly after sunset. Because Ramadan is a time to spend with friends and family, the fast will often be broken by different Muslim families coming together to share in an evening meal.

Ramadan derives from the Arabic root: ramida or ar-ramad, meaning scorching heat or dryness. Since Muslims are to fast during the month of Ramadan, it is believed that the month's name may refer to the heat of thirst and hunger, or because fasting burns away one's past sins. Fasting during Ramadan did not become an obligation for Muslims until 624 C.E., at

which point it became the third of the Five

known as Eid ul-Fitr, the "Festival of Fast-breaking." It is a joyous time beginning with a special congregation prayer, and accompanied by celebration, socializing, festive meals and charity.

At the end of Ramadan, it is appropriate to wish

Muslims "Eid Mubarak".

Abdullah Mohammed

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

"Ugly Guys" in the Halloween

For Halloween party I started thinking what costume I should prepare, I had many options but I chose the one which mostly affected the students & I personally. For the party I chose to be Skinhead with a drawing of the swastika sign on my head.

Perhaps I chose that costume since I am highly vulnerable to be attacked by them as an Arabic girl & having brown skin and because I had to stay home simply because they were in town one weekend

I invested a lot of efforts in my costume in order to get the first prize. However, I did not win for two reasons: the judges did not choose me and the president of the FMSA issued a statement that the FMSA members and their related people, could not take part in the competition .Both decisions were fully acceptable and respected by me.

But what was not acceptable is that few guys added different colors to my costume, such as hatred to Jewish people, insensitivity to their suffering & racism. Well I am the last one to be accused of racism because I was not allowed to board the plane once simply because I am Arab.

The true faces of the guys appeared once the mask was removed. These ugly faces who are motivated by personal interests who have lost all human values, try to distort the relationship between Arabs & Jewish who live here in harmony and mutual respect, leaving all the political differences behind.

Mind you, halloween is a day meant for scary outfits and costumes. Nothing personal!

I have a lot of Jewish friends and the pride is all mine of calling them friends. I would like to thank everyone for supporting me against the accusations from the ugly guys.

For those students who got offended as a result of my costume, I would like to apologize, needless to mention that offending you was not my intention.

Azbarga Hanin, Arab-Israeli student

Sex habits of the world population

The annual survey of peoples sex habits ,done by Durex, is out to the public. And since it is of everybody's interest, we bring a short summary of the results.

During one year we have sex 103 times each., the French having the most 140, while the Japanese have the least, only 50 times. We spend 20 min on foreplay and 50% of the men have orgasm, while only 15% of the women get it. On the other hand 40% of them fake it(more in the Balkan area then anywhere else), and surprisingly 12% of the men do the same.

We have our debut at an age of 17,5, the Icelanders being earliest. You can look forward to having 10,5 sex partners, but if you are Chinese you will have the double. One third of us have unprotected sex and we all find breasts, bottoms and a lean body very sexy. Although attitude counts as well.

Other things…Well. Icelanders like sextoys, together with the Norwegians every second person has a vibrator . The south Africans like porn very much (who doesn't).

More specifically for us students:

Number of intercourse yearly Reaching Orgasm (%)

Time of Fourplay (min) Age of 1st intercourse

Hungary 131 20.5 51 17.3

Norway 102 18.1 40 16.5

Israel 111 19.5 52 17.4

Greece 133 20 47 17.8

Iran No stats No stats No stats No stats

Iceland 119 19.8 32 15.7

U.S.A. 111 19.7 39 16.9

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Halloween 2004

What does Halloween stand for? Is it a kind of demon worship or is it just harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual? One story says that, on Halloween, the disembodied spirits of all those who die throughout the preceding year come back in search of living bodies to possess for the coming year.

Naturally, the still-living do not want to be possessed. So on the night of October 31, people should make their homes cold and undesirable and dress up in all manner of costumes, noisily parade around, being as destructive as possible in order to frighten away the wandering spirits. Whatever…here in Debrecen, it sure gives us a reason to party!

And so did the students of DOTE, with some help from the FMSA, last Friday more precisely on the 23rd of October. The reason was for the chosen date was simple. When the self controls of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students were taken into consideration, this date was the best option. The FMSA wanted everyone to be able to attend and so did more than 400 people!

In advance more than 250 tickets were sold and on the night of the evening another 150 showed up ready to have fun. The atmosphere was electric and people excited, dancing, acting all crazy, in general having fun and enjoying themselves.

The greatest contribution to the atmosphere was of course the guests themselves. It was obvious that people put lot of effort, hard work and spirit into their costumes. It is of course shame that not everyone could go on stage and parade around but honestly there was no way everyone could have.

The supposed highlight of the evening was the costume competition. Judges from various ethnic backgrounds and different years were chosen from the crowd. The judges were Ophir (6th year from Israel), Sara (2nd year from Norway), Henry (2nd year from Nigeria), Joanna (5th year from Portugal). The judges chose 10 finalists (knowing that the members of FMSA could not attend the competition) and from those finalists the crowd cheered for the winners.

It is clear now that the rules of the game were not clear to everyone even though they were introduced on stage an hour before the winners

was chosen. This was partly due to technical problems and partly due to the fact that during the introduction and for the next couple of hours unexpected events in the crowd twisted and turned the whole organization of the party.

The FMSA thanks the judges and the crowd for choosing their winner. And of course congratulations for the following…

Margarette = murdered bride (an air plane ticket worth 100 000 ft)

Kent Are = banana guy, runner up (a free dinner)

Aniken = scuba diver, 3rd place (a DVD player)

Truls = nasty pervert, runner up, (a months membership in Corpus fitness)

Alex = even nastier nurse, runner up, (a free dinner at Torro d' oro)

Naomi = bumble bee, runner up, (a free dinner)

Anita = banana girl, 2nd place, (an airplane ticket, worth 30000ft)

Vibeke, = a Chinese girl, runner up, (a months membership in Corpus fitness)

Homera & Raja = an angel and a devil, runner ups (a months membership in Corpus fitness)

The 10th finalist never showed up on stage…that is Hungarian Veronica dressed up as an nurse. She will receive a Corpus fitness membership card.

FMSA likes to thank Daði for being the host, Eric and Linn for arranging all the decorations, Ofer, Peter and Leah, Wali and Ayo for spending their time sticking bats to every free nail in the Kazanhaz, Kasan and Fadi, for their valuable help.

Last but not least. A party is of course the people that attend so thank you all for coming, for keeping your spirits up and for making this…a very crazy, absolutely crazy Halloween. (pictures on pages 6-7)


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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Ildiko Nagy (

In 2005 you can apply for tuition fee reduction for Master in Public Health course. If you are interested please visit: or contact me.

Finishing 6th year students who would like to specialize in Budapest in the Bajczy Zsillinsky hospital, in the Dept of General Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, do not hesitate to contact:


Poster from the Movie "A brief history of time, inspired by the omonymous book.

The movie was made by Errol Moris in 1991.

A Brief History Of Time

Author: Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, a young Physicist with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig's disease, a neuromuscular disease that progressively weakens muscle control. When he was 21-year-old and a graduate student in cosmology, he was predicted an early death for.

Today, he's 56 and married with three children. He gets around in a wheelchair, and after completely losing the use of his vocal chords in an operation to assist his breathing in 1985, finally he communicates through a computer.

His book a best-seller deals with the origin of the Cosmos. When did time start? Is time absolute? Is it going to end? And if yes how? Question that only the smartest and the most naïve of humans ask… Questions you can answer either with stories or Physics.

But can you make a story out of Physics? In this book, you will only find text and pictures. Only a single mathematical equation is found in this book, and all the complex algorithms needed to explain these scientific theories are omitted.

It's a story all right… the story of what was, and what will be… not in "religious" or "historical" terms. Simply in terms of Physics. The human understanding of the world, from the times of Ptolemy's till our days. All the mistakes and theories our brain produced, to give some understanding over what we call environment.

This book was first published in 1988, translated in several languages and was read by 9 million readers worldwide is a must for a young scientist… Enjoy!

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November 10, 2004; Issue 16

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

SHREK 2: Right after their honeymoon the newly wed couple goes to Princess Fiona's parents for dinner. When a Fairy God Mother discovers Fiona and Shrek are married she reminds the king about a deal they agreed on years ago that Fiona should have married Prince Charming (her son). The king then hires a cat named Puss-in-Boots (a sword fighting cat and ogre slayer) to kill Shrek.

SPIDERMAN 2: Peter Parker (Tobey McGuire) can't seem to catch any kind of break. Being Spiderman has brought him nothing but problems as far as his personal life is concerned. Not only that, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is engaged to astronaut John Jameson, and Peter may lose her forever. Things are so bad for him that he is pushed past his breaking point, so he decides that he doesn't want to be Spiderman anymore, until a freak accident transforms Dr. Otto Octavius into Dr. Octopus, a super-villian with four metal tentacles coming out of him. Peter realizes that only Spiderman can stop him, but of course, problems arise. Mary Jane gets caught in the middle, and Harry Osborn, who still blames Spiderman for the death of his father, Norman Osborn. Spiderman will have to push himself past his limits if he's going to survive.

HARRY POTTER 3 (The prisoner of Askaban): Harrys life is in mortal danger yet again, this time more than ever. Firstly a killer named Sirus Black has escaped from azkaban prison and it seems that he broke out just to finish what his master wanted to do 13 years ago; to kill Harry Potter!. Also, for Harrys' protection, Azkaban has sent hundreds of Dementors to guard Hogwarts in an attempt to catch Black. But will they turn out to be a great help or a big mistake?...

HIDALGO: Held yearly for centuries, the Ocean of Fire—a 3,000 mile survival race across the Arabian desert—was a challenge restricted to the finest Arabian horses ever bred, the purest and noblest lines, owned by the greatest royal families. In 1890, a wealthy sheik invited an American, Frank T. Hopkins, and his horse to enter the race for the first time. During the course of his career, Hopkins was a cowboy and dispatch rider for the U.S. cavalry—and had once been billed as the greatest rider the West had ever known. The Sheik puts his claim to the test, pitting the American cowboy and his mustang, Hidalgo, against the world's greatest Arabian horses and Bedouin riders—some of whom are determined to prevent a foreigner from finishing the race. For Frank, the Ocean of Fire becomes not only a matter of pride and honor, but a race for his very survival as he and his horse attempt the impossible.

This week's new DVD's brought to you by