The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

December 25, 2004; Issue 17


That's it! Another semester is over, the Self Controls, the Attendances… everything is gone. But also gone are the parties, the laughs with the -few- good friends, the troubles and all the stuff we may miss back home. Now it's a new reality, that of an exam period.

I usually view this period as a pilgrim, a withdrawal from civil life, the attempt to be social and friendly. Now all the effort goes to "brain work" try to get some knowledge, or to confirm the knowledge you got during the semester.

We hope that newspaper is not going to distract you form your daily activities. We would like to see it as a break. New articles, your pictures -as usual- and in general we try to do our best in this limited space we have. We thought it would be nice to get to know each other's culture and habits. Last time it was Ramadan, this time it is Christmas (Hindu Students are unlucky, Diwali was in between!) and in the future we'll see.

Finally, my message to the lower year students.

The first couple of years are frightening! No doubt! A

lot of you are scared of failing (even some that don't admit it), the strict Professors, the vast amount of material, all these important details…

No one wants to fail you! There is no conspiracy, and if you deserve it, I believe you will go through. Even if knowledge is a little problematic, teachers can see and appreciate a good effort!

Before you fail in your Lecture Book, you fail in your head… if you have will, good friends and help don't worry… don' t lie back, but don't worry! Organize your stuff, and next semester it will all be a memory… Closing, I hope the poet will forgive my crude translation from Greek…

"If to the battle you ride, ready to die,

Then my soldier, the war is lost …"

A. Sikelianos



Ancient Roman Skin Cream Gave Women Beautiful Skin

Ancient Roman women had beautiful skin; apparently, they had a foundation of a skin cream which until recently, no one knew how to reproduce. Researchers at the University of Bristol, UK, have recreated the 2000-year-old cosmetic skin cream.

They managed to do this because an original was discovered in its metal container, in perfect condition during an archaeological excavation in London. During the Roman Empire, Roman women in London used to use this foundation cream. The cream is made of refined animal fat, starch and tin. When you apply it to your face you have a smooth, white powdery texture - probably due to the starch, say the researchers. Romans loved white faces. Tin, say the researchers, was a better option than lead, because tin is not toxic. Lead

had been a popular ingredient for cosmetics throughout history.

A Vaccine For Diabetes Type 1

A vaccine for diabetes type 1 sufferers could be on the market in ten years' time, say researchers. It was developed by CLinalfa, part of the Merck pharmaceutical group and it has a molecule that is identical to part of the islet cells (they produce insulin). When you add this molecule to human blood it stops the body's white cells from destroying beta cells (the islet

cells that produce insulin). 18 volunteers, all with type one diabetes, will take part in a trial which starts in August, 2005. The trials will take place at the University of Bristol, UK, and King's College London, UK.

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Super Mario, A Dangerous Man!

Recent studies done in USA show that playing computer games with violence can lead to violent behavior. Especially in youths and children that play the game over a longer period of time!

So, how does Super Mario and his brother Luigi make young people violent? If you don't know who this two guys are then: Mario and his little brother Luigi are from Italy, but born in Japan by their mother Nintendo! In the game "Super Mario brothers" the players mission is to save the kidnapped princess of Mushroom-world from Kopa-Tropa! Along their quest, Mario have to grow by eating a mushroom, and jump on some crabs and turtles which guard Kopa-Tropa!

Mario can achieve bonuses by carrying a flower (he becomes a fireball-thrower) and collect money (the player gains extra life per exceeded 100 coins)!!

So what is so bad with this? It should be a positive thing to learn that to collect money, help people in need, carry a flower romantically and to eat vegetables (hence, mushroom) is good


Objectively I share the concern of the researchers, to learn that to jump on people you don't like and to play with fire is bad!

During their studies on the different children while they were playing the game, the researchers noticed that the children was not smiling and became angry every time they were defeated by the enemy. The violent behaviors resulted in throwing of the joystick, yelling bad words where the word fu*k was most frequent and even some children who hit them self and the researchers while they were trying to take the game away!

So maybe our close and good childhood friend Super Mario wasn't so good after all and as a conclusion it seems alright to suspend this world famous game and other like it from the market before Christmas. To all the children in the world,


Ersan Krckov, 2nd year.

Blame It On The Genes!

Something that all men knew, seems to have been discovered in England. Before you start a fight with your girlfriend because she's not faithful, you should think "maybe its not her fault". According to the above-mentioned research group genetic factors influence the amount of partners and the faithfulness of a lady.

Until now, it was zodiac signs that were trying to explain it, after that psychology, sociology, feminist rights groups etc. But now science takes over, in an attempt to answer the question that concerns the whole manhood and womanhood alike!

They studied 1.600 couples of twin women, mono/ and dizygotic, in a study relative to the influence of several genes to behaviour. Prof. Tim Spector, head of the Twin Research Unit, of St. Thomas Hospital in London, states that "We found that the amount of partners and tendency to cheat, relies 40% on genetic factors".

But he did not forget to mention that education, environment etc. seem to be very important in the "interpretation" of cheating by women.

The researchers asked the twins about their sexual behaviour, their experience and what they thought about cheating, around 22% admitted being unfaithful at least once. However, most of these women said they thought that cheating is wrong. The mean age of the women asked was 50, and 25% of those were divorced. Faithful women had around 4 partners in average, and "unfaithful" ones had 8.

The scientists believe that the genes responsible for this behavioural pattern could be found on chromosomes 3,7 and 20. Finally more than 90% of women admitted of at least "wanting to cheat" at some point of their lives… now, where's my rifle?

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

The Story of Hanukkah - The Festival of Lights

Hanukkah (pronounced kha- nu-

presece of God.


a) is a Jewish celebration commemorating the rededication of the Temple at Jerusalem in 165 B.C. The story of Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication.

Historical Background

Two thousand years ago. In Jerusalem, the Jews built a temple for their worshiping. However, in 336 B.C., Alexander the

The Celebration of Hanukkah

The menorah is the candelabra that symbolizes the story of Hanukkah. It is traditionally lit at sunset and placed in front of a window. The menorah holds eight candles placed on the same level, and one candle (the ninth one), called the shammash, that sits higher

or lower than the rest. The shammash is used to light the other candles. On the eighth night, all nine candles of the menorah burn brightly. It is traditional to eat foods made in oil to symbolize the miracle of the oil. Also, parents give gifts to their children.

Another family tradition in Hanukkah is parents together with

Great conquered the Middle East and placed the Jews under the rule of King Antiochus Epiphanes, who did not tolerate the Jewish belief in one God.

When King Antiochus met resistance in Israel, he made Judaism illegal. Those that did not embrace his new order were punished. According to the bible

their children play game with a spinning top. This tradition is originated in times when the Jews were forbidden by the Greek to practice their religion. Then they hid in caves, so the Greek would not

the Jewish people did not give up. They fought to reclaim Jewish autonomy. An elderly priest named Mattathias fled with his five sons to the mountains and launched a guerrilla war against the armies of the Hellenic empire. This group was called

see them praying. When the Greeks visited the caves, they pretended they were just playing a spinning


The Maccabees re-occupied the Temple to God on the 25th day of the Kislev (December). In celebration, they relit the "menorah", the candelabra. Tradition sais that although there was enough oil for light to burn for only one day, it miraculously burned for eight days and eight nights. To celebrate the miracle of the oil, Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights. The light of the menorah symbolizes the

top game.The spinning top has four sides with one Hebrew letter on each side. Each of letters begins a word. The letters stand for "(ð) Nes (â) Gadol (ä) Hayah (ù) Sham - A Great

Miracle Happened There".

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine


We are slowly finishing our exams. this means that we may as well take a chance , to visit some beautifull stuff arround Debrecen. If not for any other reason, just

to have some stories to say back home from hungary! Tokaj or "Tokai" in English, is a town with no more than a few thousand people. It used to be a rich center of commerce during the last century, that reached

it's peak during the 18th or 19th century. It's

powerful past can be still seen today in it's monuments and the beautiful downtown. It is the northern most wine producing place of Hungary, but this comes not as a surprise, since

it was the northern most border of the Roman empire

A lot of churches, Catholic, Unitarian (Greek Catholic), Protestant and Greek Orthodox, the Greek Commerce Center, the Synagogue, are all witnesses of a rich past.Today this town, is only a few thousand strong, but this does not stop it from being a famous wine and grape producing center. It attracts a lot of tourists from inside of Hungary and Germany and Austria

The easiest way to get there is by train. By Intercity or "fast train" the ride will be approximately an hour long. So, just pick the one that fits your schedule the

best.If you are by car, then just get to Nyireghaza by the Highway 35 and then use the Highway number 38 to Tokaj. With quiet driving, this -again- should not take you more than an hour.

During the season, the town is not only known for it's wine and grapes. The river that used to be the reason of it's economic growth, still blesses it. It's a famous cayak resort. I don't yet know if it has any hard waters, but by next fall I will!Also countless restaurant and wineries are open, not to mention fishing, for which the town is famous.

Outside the season, the place is quite inactive, but it's a fine escape for

Tisza river

Tisza river

the weekend, and a place where you can get very nice fish and wild "=hunt" dishes. One of the few restaurants which is open all year long is the Millenium Etterem on Bajczy Zsillinsky Street. Also do not forget to visit the Cukrazda of the town.

Surprisingly enough the cakes are not soaked in margarin.

Closingly Tokaj is an attractive place to visit, with it's own character, but it doesn't stop being a small town, without the luxuries of a big city. It's a nice place for a quite and cheap vacation.


Fifth Year is almost half way through and as we all know, next year we will start spreading around the globe, trying to find our path. That is why we decided to start making next class's yearbook now. If you have group pictures from the earlier years, please contact your group representative, the newspaper, or Yaron Raiter. You can use the E-mail address of the newspaper:

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine


Scientists in Indonesia brought to light a new and tiny species of Hominidae that lived in parallel with our ancestors, up until 12.000 years ago. Some consider it one of the most important discoveries in Paleo-Anthropology for a lot of decades.

The bones were perfectly preserved, and were found in a cave of the island Flores, 600kms east of Bali. It's as tall as a child (approx. 1 meter), a scull as big as a Grape Fruit and quite long arms. After the analysis the scientist concluded that it belongs to a 30 year old woman.

In the same cave, were found bones of six more of these primates, which were baptized Hobbits! Also some lava was found. This explosion could be the reason of the disappearance of this speicies, while our ancestors were building colonies all over the world.

A group of Australian and local scientists claim the discovery. They work for the University of New England and the Indonesian Center of Archaelogy of Djakarta. Mike Morwood stated that: A "new" species of human, that lived in parallel with us, used fired to cook their food, made stone tools to hunt big animals like Elephants and Giant Rats. Despite their small brain these hominidae devised quite complex tools.

These "small humans" existed with us for thousands of years. Its indicative that the locals of Island Flores, talk about the race "embo gogo", a race of short, hairy humans, that lived in caves and communicated with each other in a primitive language. The new species belongs to the family Homo Floresiensis, acoording to BBC network.

According to the scientists Homo Floresiensis is related to the Iawa Homo Sapiens, but a lot of scientists express strong doubts on whether this "Hobbits" are really Humanoids or just developed Primates like Australopithecus. I suppose that discovery of tomb monuments will solve this problem.

Anthropology is a discredited science, but anyway, very interesting. We will have more references about it in the future, but since we are dr's we will try to focus on "living humans". When we talk about living humans, we are not only speaking about litteraly living persons. Rather we focus on the evolution of the races and tribes of the Homo S. Sapiens.

In a way Physical Anthropology is a complementrary sciense to Ethnology and Paleoarchaelogy, but more about that in the future...

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Golyabal 2004

The Golyabal is a very impressive dance, for reasons I mentioned in the past issue. This time, for the first time, the Foreign Medical Students Association chipped as well!

We were more than hapy when we were asked to, since its the English Program dtudents are also wellcomed there.

This time the Ballwas nicely organised, as usuall, with a lot of people, but our hungarian countepart made some mistakes.

First there was not fashion show, as it was the habbit, from the last years, the V.I.P. sector was not on the third floor of the building and this meant that half the first floor had to be recruited for that.

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

the story of tne paper...

Otherwise the ball was a nice event. A lot of Students, their friends, a lot of nice drinks and food! the Absinth finished early and that was inconvinent.

Beautifull dresses and suits, several teachers, and the dresses from outside of Europe gave a really unique tone... and as I was walking on the second floor I heard some music... what is that?

Traditional Hungarian Music, based on (what else?) violin. Fast tempo, happy tunes and local students jumping all over. I really liked it there, and I was happier to see a couple of Foreign students enjoying themselves together with the hungarians.

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

The Meaning of Christmas

When the holder of the Holy See in Rome, centuries before the schism of the Christians into Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Catholicism), decided that Christmas should be celebrated in 25th of December, I'm sure he did not know the impact it would

Also it made concrete the decision of the first Ecumenical Synod, it was the complete transformation of a rabbinic heresy to a new Solar religion. Until then there was a confusion on whether Christians should follow the Mosaic Law, should be circumcised, etc. Since Christianity popped up through Judaism these problems had

have tothe future of


to be overcome. A series of decisions like that, made it obvious that Christianity and Judaism are two separate religions linked only historically.

The message for Christians is simple. Regardless of the denomination/ dogma each one belongs, moments of reform, rejoice, happiness and most and above all set an example and a promise for a

kronos and persephone

As it is generally known, Jesus of Nazareth was not borne in December. Its considered sure that he was borne in a summer month, maybe August. The date chosen was Symbolic, but what was the symbol? 25th of December (Poseideon) was the celebration of the Winter Solstice. A month dedicated to the God of the Sea (Poseidon),

marking the passage from summer to winter.

Solstice is that day in which the Day and the Night are equal and they have great symbolic value to all European/ Solar Religions. They represent rebirth, liberation, and change of roles inside the society. The thinking was that the birth of Christ brought forth a passage from Heathenism to Christianity. As Christians would put it, "gave humans possession of Eternal life (the real meaning of the resurrection), and a place in the Kingdom come".

new kind of life.

NOTE:I am not much of a theologian and there are a lot of different interpretations of the Christian masses by the priests of the different Dogmas. In here I tried to speak

about the general meaning of the mass and the cold facts accompanying it

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

What about the poor, the old, and the lonely?

Recently, the British Medical Journal, made a study that would make sociologists feel proud for their salaries. Even though it did not state anything new, at least it prove something old. The study stated that socially deprived individuals are 44% more likely to develop heart failure but 23% less likely to visit their doctors.

Researchers from Scotland, provided the data used in this project. These scientists examined the influence of social and economic deprivation on the diagnosis and treatment of 2,186 adults with heart failure. What they found was that, the incidence of heart failure significantly increased with increasing social deprivation.

Socioeconomically deprived patients were 44% more likely to develop heart failure than affluent patients. Those patients also had 23% less follow up visits, to their GP's yearly. Interestingly enough and this would embarrass sociologists, the doctors were not found to be racist, since the treatments prescribed were not different, across different socioeconomical strata.

The whole idea behind this study is to "equalize" the quality of treatment given. The mechanism behind the different outcomes, on what is seemingly, the same.

The researchers claim that "once the mechanisms behind these socioeconomic gradients are better understood, programmes can be devised for optimal outcomes of all patients, irrespective of social class". Now on this is a major source of debate.

Of course, there is no study needed to prove that people with a worst life, have a worst health. You can see it with your own eyes. With this kind of studies though we can say we have an algorithm, on the fashion of their deteriorating health, so to speak.

Equality, has always been the long pursued dream of Humanity… this idea of treating different stuff, as being the same… A nasty critic would just suggest that instead of spending thousands of euros to just study about socially deprived people, they could just invest them on the deprived people themselves, but this would be "populist"…

First Demethylase Molecule Discovered,

Researchers have discovered an enzyme that plays an important role in controlling which genes will be turned on or off at any given time in a cell. The novel protein helps orchestrate the patterns of gene activity that determine normal cell function. Their disruption can lead to cancer. The elusive enzyme, whose presence in cells was suspected but not proven for decades, came to light in the laboratory of Yang Shi, HMS professor of pathology, and is described in a study published in the Dec. 16 online edition of Cell and appearing in the Dec. 29 print edition.

"This discovery will have a huge impact on the field of gene regulation," said Fred Winston, an HMS professor of genetics who was not involved with the work. "Shi and his colleagues discovered something that many people didn't be

lieve existed."

The enzyme, a histone demethylase, removes methyl groups appended to histone proteins that bind DNA and help regulate gene activity. "Previously, people thought that histone methylation was stable and irreversible," said Shi.

In some tumors, high levels of methylation of H3K4 seem to play a role in activating genes that drive abnormal cell growth. The discovery of this demethylase suggests a way to counterbalance this progrowth signal in some tumors. And if previous experience with histone deacetylases is any guide, the demethylases could one day be targets for cancer therapeutics.

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine



Rand Corporation, an independent

"To improve our health the study suggests that we should build cities where people feel comfortable walking and are not so dependent on cars," said Deborah C., a RAND researcher and physician who co-authored the study. "This study gives the public a way to personalize the issue of sprawl in a way that hasn't happened before."

Researchers found the unhealthful impacts of suburban sprawl disproportionately affect the poor and the elderly, who often have fewer resources to make up for the limitations created by their environment. Interestingly enough, the study found no link between suburban sprawl and a greater incidence of mental health problems. Even though many suggested that social isolation among suburbanites could be a cause of depression etc.

A more sprawling area has streets that are not well connected (cul-de-sacs are not as well connected as a grid), more separated land use mix (shopping, schools, work, and residential areas are far from each other), and a lower population density.

Regions that had the worst suburban sprawl include: Atlanta; Winston-Salem, N.C.; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Bridgeport-Danbury-Stamford, Conn.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Rochester, N.Y.; and Detroit.

Regions with the least amount of suburban sprawl include: New York City; San Francisco; Boston; Portland, Ore.; Miami; Denver; Chicago; and Milwaukee.

research institution, published a study according to which Suburban Sprawl is linked to the incidence of many chronic health ailments.

Roland Sturm, economist and long time Rand

member, stated that one of the reasons for this could be that the amount of time people spend in cars, decreases physical activity, increases obesity and contributes to the this effect.

This paper concludes that, people that live in areas with a high population density, have more chances to report health problems such as hypertension, arthritis, headaches, breathing difficulties, diabetes etc. People that live on less sprawling areas report those symptoms less frequently. The differences between people living in the two types of areas remained even when researchers accounted for factors such as age, economic status, race and the local environment that might explain the differences.

Eg. An adult living in a place like Atlanta, will have a health profile, that would suit an older person (approximately four years older) that lives in Seattle.

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine

Ildiko Nagy (

In 2005 you can apply for tuition fee reduction for Master in Public Health course. If you are interested please visit: or contact me.

Finishing 6th year students who would like to specialize in Budapest in the Bajczy Zsillinsky hospital, in the Dept of General Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, do not hesitate to contact:


Panter Division Tankcsapda,

attacking live!

we'll see a similar picture in 29th of December, in Fonix Csarnok!


(A Legjobb Mergek)

Wondering around the University, I see a lot of people interested in Rock Music. Doctors to be stroll around in Ramones and Motorhead T-shirts. But even after a couple of years some of them have no clue of the local rock scene. This is their chance. Tankcsapda is one of the oldest Hard Rock bands in Hungary (famous inside the country, unlike their compatriots Omega, mostly known out of it).

They started in 1989 and they play Heavy Rock in the vein of Motorhead and Girlschool. Punk/ Oi!/ Streetpunk influences are apparent in their first years (eg Baj Van! -there's a problem- reminds me of Exploited and G.B.H., while in "Johnny a Mocsokban", you can hear the typical Blitz sound) finally in the later ones have some nu-metal influences, even though some Thrash metal touch is not absent! The backbone of the sound though is still in the Heavy Rock style. Their lyrics are in Hungarian. This language is quite brutal and fits the music very well.

The CD itself is a double one, that includes 30 songs out of which 2 are new (azt mondom allj! and 14). Surprisingly enough there are a couple of "ballads" inside. All the songs are remixed, a thing that gives the record a solid uniform sound. I think this compilation is a warm up for the 29th of December concert of the band in Debrecen in Fonix Arena… see you there!

Highly Recommended!!!

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December 25, 2004; Issue 17

The New Debrecen Journal of Medicine


Find the diagnosis of the CT and the X-Ray, and make sure to answer the questions.

In the last issue, the winner was Andras Szekely, he won two free DVD rentals in Hollywood DVD


1)What does the Hungarian coat of arms mean?

2)What are the towns Eger and Tokaj known for?

I Robot:In 2035, robots are mandatory electronic devices in every home, being the proportion of four men for each robot in the American society. They are built by US Robotics following three basic laws for preservation of the human being, and no robot is allowed to harm a human being in any circumstance. In Chicago, detective Del Spooner (Will Smith), who hates robots, is assigned to investigate the suicide of the scientist and his old friend, Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell), in the facilities of US Robotics. The CEO Lawrence Robertson (Bruce Greenwood) asks the psychologist Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan) to support Spooner in his investigation. Spooner believes that Dr. Lanning was murdered, and looks for the criminal, finding the robot Sonny hidden in Dr. Lanning's room, becoming the prime suspect. While following the hints left by Dr. Lanning, Spooner and Susan are initially misguided, finding the truth in the end. "I, Robot" is an action sci-fi movie, using elements of "Blade Runner" and "Terminator 2".

THE LADYKILLERS:As long as you like dark comedy its did seem like it was trying really hard to be funny at certain parts, but there were some also really well filmed scenes - in particular I really enjoyed the introduction of Lump's character since it is all POV and reminded me of Bill Plympton's animation style, only in live action...too bad that Lump's character was otherwise needless and undeveloped. What makes this film great, aside from the performances (Hanks was particularly interesting to watch since he was not only a villain but also over the top) is the spectacular cinematography which really sells the feel of the romanticized modern south, which the Coens are well known for.All in all this is a decent film, not great, not bad. Worth a watch for Coen brothers and/or dark comedy fans. But you only need to see it once.

"Envy: is a silly comedy about a couple of best friend couples who live in identical tract homes on a cul de sac, leading identical lives until one of them invents an aerosol alternative to the pooper scooper, "Vapoorize", which makes feces vanish into thin air. Jack Black is his usual comedic self as the inventor who quickly climbs to mogul status while his buddy, Stiller, languishes in relative ordinariness, green with envy. Featuring a good cast, sporting the Levinson pedigree, and chock full of inany zany nonsense, "Envy" shoulda been more than the colossal bomb which, according to critics and public alike, stinks so bad it could be "vapoorized". I laughed a lot but the, hey, that's just me.

This journal is made by:Kleonikos Tsakiris (5th year)

Orjan Waldenstrom (4th year)

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