Other Stuff

I do not know why I put this section here. But finding useful programs for our computer, in a good price has always been a problem for me. So I decided to share the cool websites I come across every once and a while...


Tired of Pop ups and spy-wares? Ad aware from Lavasoft does a big part of the job! freeware

Lava Soft

Rip of your DVD's to VCD's shhhh.... freeware

VCD Burner

Kazaa Lite, with out any pop ups and spyware freeware


Fosi, an internet source for programs, for free... no warez... official software


MIRC Web based chat shareware


Netscape, isn't it about time you get reed of this damned Internet Explorer??? (F**** Microsoft) freeware// free software


A small and nice program to make JAVA Based animations, for your website. No skill needed... shareware


A quite cool web based Java-Script library.... for webmasters


Anti Virus programs freeware


Back Up your DVD's in VCD's with the Gordian Knot freeware

Gordian Knot

For that you also need the codec pack

Gordian Knot Codec Pack

Check it out, not so easy to find...


Back your CD's to MP3's and OGG's -for Linux ppl-

MPEG Ware CD Ripper

Make your DVD Rom Region Free

DVD Genie 4.10

-works allmost everywhere

Zone Selector 4b11

- region selector for the Hollywood Plus

Is your DVD Rom have Region Locked?

Remote Selector