Spare time in Debrecen

Well, Debrecen is the 2nd biggest city in Hungary, isn't it? If we forget about that, the place has several stuff to do, even though there are kms of distance between the second and the first cities.

Clubs //Restaurants // Café Bars // Misc.


Genius Café Bar: In Arany Bika, but the entrance is by the B. Zsilinsky. This bar was opened by Attila and Gyula, the former owners of Jimmy Hendrix Pub, after they came back from the States. This says it all. Even though they are no longer there, the Bar is still one of the leading ones.

Joy Bar: Again in Bajczy Zsillinsky Ut. Another bar/Club thingy... this year in one of the favorites of English program students. Occasionally there are lives going on there.

Kazan Haz: Inside the Agricultural School ( a.k.a Agrar), ar boszormeny ut. Not a lot of  TOKosok go there but it is full of the Agricultural School's students.

Club-Chicago: On Piac. A very Hungarian place, with a brass band playing local tunes in the weekends. The environment is a typical Hungarian pub-like one, but it is more expensive... a higher class Sarkany.

Sarkany: On top of El Tornado, an ok club, that Hungarian high school people usually go to. Of course AOK people from the first couple of years can also be found. Not a lot of decoration, not the best music, but once you are around, why not?

Ibiza Bar: On the side of Fontana during summer time. A very nice open place that makes you feel you are in a Mediterranean island, at least if you drink a bit. The winter one is hosted in Belgian Bar, and is quite in the same atmosphere with Genius.

FONTANA: A nice big bowling place, with squash fields, video games, pool tables, darts, and an OK restaurant. Very nice if you have time to get there since it's out of town

LOVARDA: A Huge Place, but the typical of the "region" -since it is found in front of El Tornado- The same goes for this one also about decor, music etc. It is quite cool though when parties take place there.


Belgian Cafe Bar: A nice cafe/ restaurant and quite less of a bar -even though lately you never know-. Nice environment, but personally I hate the food there, it has however the best Cappuccino in town. About Ibiza I said it one million times.

Calicko Jack: Good restaurant, and Hungarian people also go there to take a quite drink. It is found at Bem Ter and my favorite is "Butler Grof's Favorite".

Babalou: A nice restaurant with Mexican, etc. tastes. It is next to the old John Bull, and do not forget to taste the Fajitas and the Meat Splatter! Original tribal environment, make it really pleasant.

Lucculus: A quite OK Hungarian restaurant. A cellar like place with not so cheap prices. I'd rather Csokonai. It is found opposite of Babalou.

Csokonai: At Kossuth Ut., in front of the theatre. By far the best place in town, and not so expensive. If you feel like a typical, well cooked Magyaros meal, that's the place to go.

Rozsa Kert/ Shalimar: A real Indian restaurant! It is exactly the opposite of the rest restaurants in town. Mediocre decor, perfect taste. If your nice European tongue is not used in spices, than be sure to ask for you dish to be "non spicy".  It is found near the Soccer field at Olah Gabor Str.

PS: I never understood why they are always closed in the winter months and during exam period... maybe the Indian cook cannot stand the snow...

FANDANGO Restaurant: At Ibolya Ut. 1 .The town's only Spanish Restaurant. Despite the nagging of my two Portuguese friends, this place is not that bad food wise, and the environment is quite nice. The low prices are also a big advantage.

Palma: The easiest way to go there. Take the Tram and get down at Palma Cukrazda stop. It is as old as the town I think. It used to be a club, a bar, now it is a restaurant with a respectable new menu. I like it and its quite close to school!

Pompei: At Bathany ut. An Italian- flavored pizzeria rather than an Italian restaurant, but its' not bad.

Mexican: At Nandor Doza Ter, a parallel of Piac. Not bad, not good, but the decor is nice. Not a real Mexican Restaurant, with several nice flavors however.

Café Bars

Morick Cafe: In my opinion, the town's best coffee-shop! Nice coffee, nice variety and fresh croissants! What else??? Oh, you cannot smoke! It is found on Miklos utca. 

Maurizio Café: At Debrecen Plaza. Nice to seat there and watch the people pass by. The coffee there is ... exactly the same as everywhere else.

Don Quichote: Again at D. Plaza. Nicer environment, louder music, better looking waitresses. More of a bar than a coffee shop.

Reformatus Kavezo: An O.K. coffee shop, right behind of the Csokonai theatre. It's worth checking out.

Incognito Art Café: In the corner pf Eotvos Ut and Rakoczi. Cozy environment, with a small selection of coffees but a very chilling atmosphere, accompanied by acid jazz, or some slow RnB. All the place is wooden and look quite old, which gives it some character, but it makes it look deserted at times. More popular in the summer.

BAKELIT Café Bar: A nice place, right next to Csokonai Etterem. I really like the cozy atmosphere there and the very youth like decoration, which doesn't however, look cheap. I do not know why it never became a fav. of the foreign students. 

El Tornado: Nagyerdei Krt. A small homey almost miserable bar, in western, as if , style, which is allways full anyway. I think that even if Hungary goes to war, the place is still going to be full. A ig positive is that the owner loves AC/DC, which he might play after a Madonna song. PS: Always full of Norwegians.

Gosser: At Kalvin Ter, it used to be a very cool place for a while. Later on the American Indians used to hang out there. Nowadays, it is more suitable for a quite drink, rather than anything else.

Gara Cukrazda: In Kalvin Ter, or in Arany Bika -Kossuth Ter-. Two coffee shops which are also specialised in sweets. In other words a Patisserie-Confisserie. Definitely recommended, but keep in mind, that the customers are my fathers' age!

Mandula Cukrazda: Found in Kardos st. Same here, although with better sweets and a much better environment in the summer time, since it's found in a quite road and it's full of flowers etc. A really nice and traditional place.


Cinema City: At Debrecen Plaza, ten -small- movie halls. Most of the movies come in Hungarian. Especially those that you usually die to watch. You had better bought a DVD player.

Debrecen Go-Cart: Used to be at the Tesco Parking Lot. Now it is at Cora. It is a nice arena I think, but is hard for me to convince anyone to get there.

Imperial Club: Not quite a club actually! But is a very cool place to play some pool! If you feel like shooting some sticks and not going to Plaza, then try going there. It is found on Egyetem Sgrt. ten/ fifteen minutes walking from the University.

Malom Park Pool: Next to the Media-Markt. Not a really big place. Two tables of pool a few tables and a couple of bowling courts... not bad.

Debrecen Youth Center: At Kossuth Ut. a little before the Csokonai Etterem. Nothing to really do there, except the dance school, the nice gift shop on the ground floor.

Termal Hotel/ Mediteran Furdo: A complex of pools, right in front the University. The summer complex used to be bigger before the Mediterranean Pool opens, now the summer complex consists of 2 medicinal waters, one 50m pool, and a couple of children ones.

PS: The reason I don't put addresses and telephone numbers, is not only that I am bored to do so. The listing here are for the purpose of being informative and are of course free, hence they have no intention of being a form of advertisement. No addresses, no phone numbers, no faxes, no emails, web pages, or anything else is put, or going to be put. For further info check Debreceni Est or call 198 !